The Purpose of the Arab Fund Fellowships Program

The Arab Fund Fellowships Program has been launched in December, 1997, with the purpose of providing Arab Ph.D. holders in different fields of specialization who have excellent academic track record with opportunities to conduct advanced research and/or lecture in the best universities of the world. The program is intended to build bridges and achieve mutual benefits between Arab and foreign universities, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology to the Arab countries. Fellowships are open to Arab nationals who are currently working at a university in any of the member countries of the Arab Fund.

Nature of Grants

For selected candidates, the Arab Fund Fellowships Program provides fixed maintenance allowances, round-trip tickets for the beneficiaries and the eligible members of their families, and a limited accident and sickness insurance. The Grant is usually awarded for a period of twelve months, while shorter periods may be considered only in very special cases. Different rules shall apply for married couples of awardees going simultaneously to the same host country / institution. Although applications are received on a continuous basis, they must be submitted at least one year before the expected starting date of the scholarship, based on a formal invitation from an internationally reputable University or Host Institution.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Being a citizen of an Arab Country.
2. Holding Doctorate/Ph. D. Degree
3. Currently working at a university in a member country of the Arab Fund.
4. Having a distinguished academic career and strong publication record in international academic journals.
5. Having a good university teaching experience.
6. Being proficient in the language of the host country.
7. Being medically fit.

(*) Please note that previous beneficiaries are not eligible to re-apply for the Fellowship